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Quality heated and unheated yoga classes offered

Our classes promote relaxation, focus, awareness and balance. Find a class that is just right for you.


Gentle Yoga - New students, seniors and limited motion students - lightly heated

Come enjoy gentle yoga and breath movements with props

like blocks, blankets and bolsters to make poses comfortable

if needed. A great class to learn the basic movements

used in Vinyasa.


Slow Flow - heated

This class goes through different poses and then flows through the poses with breath and movement. It’s a wonderful class that helps with loosening up the body and clearing the mind.


Vinyasa Flow - heated

This class is a flow through Sun A, B and C salutations, also including some twists, balancing poses and inversions. You will feel refreshed and positive after this class.


Barre - heated

Calorie torcher, toning and some cardio. Using props like balls, straps and, of course, the ballet barre to really work all muscle groups. This class will rock your world.


Restorative Yoga - evening classes - some heat

This class is great for people who need to de-stress, work with limited mobility or just need more peace and calm in their lives. Lots of props are used to feel comfy like blankets, bolsters and blocks. In this class, there are fewer poses and they are held for longer periods of time.


Yoga Sculpt - heated

Basic Yoga moves with cardio and weights - sculpting to upbeat music. A great cardio and calorie burner. No previous Yoga experience is required this is more of a fitness class.


HATHA YOGA - heated

Hatha Yoga classes are instructional, insightful, and appropriate to your degree of yoga experience. The state of yoga is defined simply as having a one-pointed, focused mind. Hatha Yoga uses physical postures and other practices to find this state. A well-established practice with ancient roots, yoga is supported by modern science and embraced all over the globe.


YIN YOGA - heated

Yin Yoga is the deep stretching and lengthening of the body’s fascia. Fascia is the connective tissues linking bones, muscles and joints. Postures are held for a period of time to find opening and release. This is a quieter class with an emphasis on turning inward. Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice.


Night Owl Yoga -  heated

If you have a busy day and need to get stuff done before you have time to take care of you, or just prefer to get your workout in later this class is for you. It is an hour class that allows for a few extra minutes at the end to relax. This class will be a vinyasa flow style class.


Beginners Workshop -  heated

This is for any-one, any-body and any-age. If you have a desire to learn and experience yoga this is a great oppertunity to start.

We will keep it simple and add on a bit each week for 4 weeks. We will learn basic yoga, breath and movement. The intention is to learn enough to move on to regular scheduled classes that fit your needs after the 4 weeks. Come join us for some fun!


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